, 2020/11/6

“The best chance for the bicycle in 100 years”

2020 is a crazy year. But there are also huge opportunities for the bicycle, says bicycle expert Dirk Zedler. In the programme it is also about e-commerce, Jens Kloetzer explains how to make the bike fit for the winter and we talk to Nina Hoffman about her victory in the downhill world cup at Maribor.


2020 in the cycle industry
Closed shops in spring, high sales in summer and pop-up cycle lanes in the big cities: 2020 is a crazy year also for the bicycle. In autumn, many companies complain about supply difficulties and some of them worry about the coming months. We talk to Dirk Zedler of Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit in Ludwigsburg about supply chains and panic buying and about winners and losers in the current situation. It is also about conclusions that the cycle industry should draw from 2020.

Read the entire article and listen to the podcast:
Dirk Zedler über das Jahr 2020 und die Fahrradbranche
(Dirk Zedler about the year 2020 and the cycle industry)


The interview was conducted by Gerolf Meyer

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