, 2019/12/03

Dirk Zedler signs WIN-Charta certificate

Sustainable management, social responsibility: By signing the WIN-Charta certificate these keywords will be further manifested in the corporate culture of Zedler-Institut. Managing director Dirk Zedler comments:

Dirk Zedler signs the WIN Charter certificate

“In participating in the WIN-Charta process we have the opportunity to make transparent and verifiable the sustainable management in our company structures and the social responsibility that we have assumed for many years now”. After the WIN-Charta certificate had been signed by Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Minister of the Environment, Franz Untersteller, Zedler-Institut published their target concept on the WIN-Charta website where it can be checked by all interested parties, employees, business partners, friends, customers and suppliers.

Zedler-Institut pay particular attention to sustainable resource management, the benefits for the region and incentives to think in new ways. Apart from that the WIN-Charta target concept includes nine guiding principles relating to the topics human rights, social and employee matters, resources, product responsibility, sustainable and fair financial decisions, anti-corruption and benefits for the region to which Zedler-Institut is also committed.

Furthermore, the target concept comprises a WIN! project promoting sustainability in the direct business environment. The project supported by Zedler-Institut is committed to young people. It includes for example a bicycle workshop for three local schools also open to the work group asylum which was set up by Zedler and receives professional support from them. Part of the project is also an increased opening of Zedler-Institut for schools that do not only benefit from the new training and seminar area with integrated bicycle museum, but also from the guided tours through the show test lab and the workshop. The set targets of the target concept are verified in annual reports which are then also published.

Author: Jürgen Wetzstein
Photo: Zedler-Institut

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