Bicycle reports by independent bicycle experts

Experience and passion: That’s what drives us and creates know-how

Our experience and passion for bicycles support or create a solid base for the assessment of bicycle claims.

Our extensive archive of bicycle manufacturers and sales structures that puts us in a position to describe nearly any bicycle model of the past 30 years including specs and price, provides a sound basis for objective loss assessment or for expert's reports that can also be used as evidence in legal proceedings, as experience has shown.

No matter whether carbon frame, seat post or wheel, whether bicycle wear or material fatigue fracture: We are familiar with loads, service life and properties of all bicycle components and groups.

Company founder graduate engineer Dirk Zedler is an officially appointed and sworn expert for bicycles and electric bicycles (CCI Stuttgart) and has been working as bicycle expert exclusively for nearly twenty years.

We are commissioned with drawing up bicycle expert's reports by insurers, lawyers as well as bicycle manufacturers/retailers and private individuals placing their trust in us by ordering more than 850 bicycle expert's reports per year.


All about dispatch and packaging

Drawing up substantiated expert reports requires the inspection of the accidented bicycle and, if necessary, the conduction of measurements and further tests. As it is often impossible to carry out such kind of inspection on the spot and in view of avoiding too high travel expenses, the shipment of the bicycle has proved to be successful.

Bike packaging

A cardboard box necessary for bicycle shipment can usually be provided by a bicycle dealer, as bicycles are delivered to them in such cartons. These cardboard boxes are often given to customers free of charge. The only thing you have to do before packing a bicycle in a large cardboard box is to turn the handlebar, lower the saddle and screw in the pedals inwards. A manual on “How to pack your bicycle” can be provided, if need be. In individual cases, where you cannot proceed as described above, a specific carton can be made available and sent to the claimant for an extra charge of 40.00 €. Of course, your bicycle will be insured by us beyond the amount of the present value estimated in advance.

Shipment by our contracted forwarder

Shipping costs: one way approx. EUR 50.00 plus VAT

Packaging: in bicycle carton (see above)
A marine cargo insurance covering the value of goods is concluded by us in general.

Tip for insurers:
It always accelerates handling and shipment if the claimant is informed that a team member of GDFS will get in touch with him/her with regard to the bicycle’s shipment that is necessary to draw up the expert report. We will take care of further proceedings and provide the claimant with the necessary information. The shipping costs incurred will be included in our invoice.


During shipment there are costs arising for communication with the claimant/his or her bicycle dealer, ordering the forwarder and packaging the bicycle. This takes about 0.5 to 1.5 hours and is charged at an hourly rate of an unskilled employee.